A history influenced by revolution,
meat packing, politics and a love for Opera.

A history influenced by revolution, meat packing, politics and a love for Opera.

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For over 168 years, The Taylor Provisions Company has been steadfast in maintaining the highest standards of quality.

The first Taylor to set foot on the shores of North America was Samuel Taylor who sailed from England in 1677 and settled in Chesterfield Township in western New Jersey.

His grandson, Colonel John Taylor originated the recipe for minced ham.

In fact, through the years and over many decades, Taylor’s recipe for minced ham has been perfected into what we call today, Taylor Pork Roll.

Colonel Taylor was a purveyor of meat in the early 1770’s and his recipe for minced ham was a popular dish during the formative years of the United States.

Colonel Taylor also fought in the revolution under General George Washington and supplied minced ham to the troops at the Battle of Trenton and other revolutionary battles.

The Taylor Provisions Company was founded by Colonel Taylors’ direct descendant, John Taylor in 1856.

John Taylor, born in 1836, started out as a grocery clerk and became both a businessman and politician, and is considered the inventor of what we know today as pork roll.

John Taylor became a New Jersey State Senator from Mercer County and built the famous Taylor Opera House in Trenton (Opened March 18th, 1867, razed in 1969)

Famous stars and celebrities from Mark Twain and Ethel Barrymore to George M. Cohan were present at The Taylor Opera House.

The Taylor Opera House also hosted the inauguration of Governor George B. McClellan in 1877 and (President) Woodrow Wilson in 1910, James F. Fielder in 1914 (35th Governor of New Jersey) and Walter Evans Edge in 1917 (36th Governor of New Jersey)

In 1921, The Taylor Opera House was converted into a movie and vaudeville palace known as Keith’s Capitol Theatre and later it became RKO International.

John Taylor died in 1909 but his name very much lives on through Taylor Ham or Taylor Pork Roll made by The Taylor Provisions Company.

In the 1950’s at the peak of its retail operations at the Jersey Shore, Taylor Pork Roll had upwards of eight sandwich shops, including three in Atlantic City, two in Cape May and one each at Wildwood, Seaside and Asbury Park. The last Taylor Sandwich Shop was one in Cape May that closed when the operator retired in the early 1980’s.

Today, The Taylor Provisions Company is dedicated to making Taylor Pork Roll with much love and devotion and to satisfy the pork roll cravings of our ardent fans across the USA.

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