My Taylor Pork Roll Love Story

My Taylor Pork Roll Love Story

Much like Marcel Proust’s famous madeleines, Taylor Ham, also known as Taylor Pork Roll, inspires nostalgia and sweet memories.

Dreaming about the unique flavor of Taylor Ham sandwiches while strolling the Atlantic City Boardwalk, discovering a new sandwich spot along the Jersey Shore serving a classic Taylor ham, egg and cheese sandwich on a Kaiser roll or enjoying leisurely Sunday morning breakfasts with Taylor Pork Roll prepared by Mom, continuously add robust flavor to childhood recollections.

Taylor Pork Roll Memories

My Dad worked for The Taylor Provisions Company for 30 years, so we grew up on Pork Roll. As an employee bonus, he received a 6 pound roll every paycheck, so we ate it morning, noon, and night. At the time it certainly wasn’t considered a “Treat”. Now I long for the taste of a pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwich. In our house, it was called “Taylor’s.” The other brand was a “No No”!

Peggy, Morrisville, Pa., now Phoenix, AZ.

I worked at Taylor Pork Roll on the Atlantic City Boardwalk the summer of 1969 as a teenager. I remember meeting Sandler and Young when they were appearing at the Steel Pier. They came in to eat and I asked them for an autographed picture which Ralph Sandler graciously dropped off to me. I also saw Pat Paulsen playing miniature golf outside the back door of Taylor’s. Lots of memories.

Charles, Sicklerville, NJ

My husband moved our family away from New Jersey 10 years ago. It was not a happy time for me and my young son. I yearned for Taylor Ham every Sunday morning. After we divorced I moved back to Harrison and my first stop was a visit to The Topps Diner to introduce my teenage son to Taylor Ham. He exclaimed that fateful day “Mom, Now I see why you dragged me to Harrison, Taylor Ham really is worth the trip”

Donna, Harrison, NJ

When I was a kid in the late 60’s my friends and I walked over the Calhoun Street Bridge from Morrisville, PA to Trenton NJ to visit the museum and watch a movie. Right next to the movie house was a Taylor Pork Roll restaurant. We ended our visit by eating 2 or 3 pork roll sandwiches before we walked home.

Scott, Morrisville, Pa.

When I was a child, no vacation to Atlantic City was complete without eating a Taylor Pork Roll sandwich on the Boardwalk. I’ve been buying it all my life and no matter how good it is, I can never duplicate the taste that it had there. I’ve fried, broiled and microwaved it. Oh, for another sandwich by the sea!

Joseph, Baltimore, MD

When I lived in Ocean City, NJ, when I was much younger, there was a place on the boardwalk where you could get a Taylor Pork Roll sandwich. I moved recently to DE and they hardly know what I’m talking about, and don’t know to cut a couple notches in each slice and fry it.

Nancy, Seaford, DE