Trusted Iconic Products

Trusted Iconic Products

Trusted Iconic Products

Quintessential New Jerseyana, Taylor Pork Roll and Taylor Ham are recognized icons of the pork industry.

Through exacting standards as well as utilizing the highest quality ingredients of lean pork, salt, sugar, and a proprietary blend of spices, Taylor Pork Roll is a premium product that delivers on freshness and quality.

Our premium product is achieved by traditional methods handed down through generation after generation along with the commitment of an amazing team of our dedicated employees many of whom have been with the company for 30 years or more and some for many generations.

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Taylor products

Taylor Pork Roll can be found in many nationally recognized grocery stores as well as selected retail stores and restaurants throughout New Jersey and surrounding areas, most of the mid-Atlantic states, many southern states and in select locations across the USA.

Taylor products are available in thin or thick pre-sliced and vacuum-packed 6 oz. signature boxes or cloth encased and vacuum-packed rolls of one pound, one and a half pound, three pound or six-pound rolls.

In New Jersey, there is an unofficial geographical divide in its name: in Central and South Jersey, it’s known as “Taylor Pork Roll” and in North Jersey as “Taylor Ham”.

The impressive legacy of Taylor’s beginning dates to the mid-19th Century. Established in 1856, 2023 now marks The Taylor Provisions Company’s 168th year in business.

We are extremely proud to be one of the longest surviving privately owned food companies in America.

Taylor was established as a business prior to the founding of many other recognized American food companies such as Tabasco founded in 1868, Heinz founded in 1869, Pillsbury founded in 1872, Oscar Meyer founded in 1883, Del Monte founded in 1886, Coca Cola founded in 1892, Jell-O founded in 1897, Entenmann’s founded in 1898, Quaker Oats founded in 1901, Kraft founded in 1903, Kellogg’s founded in 1906, Frito-Lay founded in 1932 and Spam founded in 1937.